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Ideal for small single color projects

Vinyl is incredible- works on signs and shirts alike! 

Is Vinyl Right for Your Project?

Is it all the same vinyl?

Vinyl on shirts is Heat Transfer Vinyl- a thin layer of vinyl material on a clear plastic sheet that is cut using a plotter machine, then heat pressed onto a shirt. The vinyl we use for clothing is quality- it won’t easily peel off, fade, or crack no matter how many times you wash it. 

For windows and such, Adhesive Vinyl is used- it has a paper backing, and is sticky to touch when the paper backing is peeled off. This is what makes it sticky. It is designed more for permanent outdoor application, but also comes in indoor types as well.

Fun Options

Shirt vinyl can come in so many colors- it can also come in glitter and metallic colors! This makes you stand out from the crowd with some bling. Options are also available in things like reflective vinyl.